ARK Diagnostics
Kawarem International Company Limited

Kawarem offers the leading-edge product portfolio of ARK Diagnostics immunoassays for the therapeutic drug monitoring of the newest anti-epileptic medications as well as a highly specific Methotrexate assay.
All homogeneous enzyme immunoassays produced by ARK Diagnostics accurately measure drug levels in biological fluids. These measurements are used to guide dosing decisions for safe, effective, and personalized drug therapy. By optimizing drug levels, clinicians are able to improve outcomes, reduce toxicity, and lower healthcare expenditure. The assays, calibrators and controls are convenient, liquid stable and ready to use, showing excellent calibration ranges. Applications are available for all major clinical chemistry analyzers.
Both Kawarem and ARK Diagnostics are dedicated to improving the quality of patient health through better therapeutic drug management.

Key Assay Characteristics
* Convenient, liquid-stable, ready-to-use format
* Applications available for all major automated clinical chemistry analyzers
* Excellent calibration range
* Calibration curve stable from 3 days to up to 6 weeks, depending on instrument type and work load
* Non-hazardous – preservatives do not contain sodium azide

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