Laboratory Supplies

Kawarem International Co. Ltd. provides high quality laboratory equipment and laboratory supplies, chemistry lab equipment, labware including glassware, hydrometers, thermometers, refractometers, polarimeters, porcelain ware, microscopes, colorimeters, balances, scales, water jar testing equipment, analytical scientific instruments. Water analysis instruments are used wherever water quality is monitored, including industrial water treatment, residential and commercial water conditioning, food processing and beverage production, swimming pool/spa maintenance, and municipal water and wastewater treatment. Scientific instruments for research, industrial, and educational uses.

Laboratory Equipments

Kawarem International Company Limited

All kinds of chemical analyzers and Instruments used in laboratories for Biochemistry, Microbiology,Pathology, Pharmacology etc. This include Ultracentrifuge, Calorimeter, Distiller, Electrophoresis, Chromatography etc.

Laboratory Reagents

Kawarem International Company Limited

We offers a range of quality chemicals and reagents thereby providing the appropriate grade of product for all analytical requirements. Whether working in analytical testing, research or manufacturing you will find the product you need.

Single Use Supply

Kawarem International Company Limited

All kind of laboratory supplies that are used for daily purpose in lab. For example gloves, blood collection tubes, Petri dish, Syringes, Tourniquet, Burette, flask etc.